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Secure, Scalable Document Imaging and Management - Defining Document Solutions that work the way you do.


Convergent EDM offers a wide range of services
designed to outline, define, and budget for any potential document imaging and management solution.

In addition, specialized services are structured to maximize any investment in the Millennium 10 Product Suite throughout the growth and expansion of your firm and its future document imaging and management needs.

Consulting Services
Consulting services are a valuable tool to evaluate the potential implementation of any Document Imaging & Management solution. This service conducts a detailed needs analysis to outline a potential project’s scope, a review and evaluation of the client’s current and desired workflow processes, a hardware/software needs assessment, and a timeline to detail the steps for a successful project. This review analyzes the productivity, cost management, regulatory/compliance, disaster recovery, and growth/expansion issues of the user’s current workflow to determine the best document imaging and management solution for any future implementation.

Document Capture and Processing Services
CEDM provides outsourcing services for clients, who require the conversion of paper files, books, manuals, and other formats as required, for submission to the new document repository.

Installation Services
Our highly skilled engineers are well trained in Millennium and all aspects of supporting systems (networks, operating systems, supporting applications, software drivers, multi-function peripherals, scanners and communications) needed for a successful implementation.

Migration Services
Many of our existing clients have existing databases, documents/files, and other digital data that must be migrated as part of the installation process of pulling the data into Millennium’s repository. CEDM will coordinate this data’s entry into the repository.

Customization Services
As part of the workflow analysis process, opportunities for customized document workflow processing and customized capture solutions are evaluated to maximize productivity within each client’s unique environment.

Training Services
The length and focus of the installation training activity is determined by the size of the installation, user type (administrator, read/write user, or read only user), and any other special focuses as determined by the client. Post-installation - on-site and webinar training events are available to train new users and administrators and to update clients on the latest features and functionalities available in Millennium 10. Customized training is available for all clients who wish to focus on specific aspects of the Millennium system.

Product Integration Services
Millennium’s Commander toolbar can be programmed to interface with any number of windows based applications to provide a context sensitive ability to applicable functions (i.e. scan, store, retrieve, scan job) as they apply to specific data displayed on the current screen of an associated application. This capability allows the toolbar to create a quick and highly effective interface with other applications without custom programming or use of the API.

Software Support & Maintenance
Software support and maintenance updates are available to all active Support Agreement contract holders Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST. Services, outside of the standard terms of the contract, are available for an additional charge.


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