The Millennium System is comprised of a number of core and optional modules that provide a fully integrated solution


System Benefits

Cost Savings

  • Reduced costs associated with the physical storage, retrieval, and maintenance of paper documents. Physical onsite or offsite storage requirements are minimized or eliminated.
  • Remote access to documents and files reduces physical file retrieval and reduces search time for misplaced physical and electronic files.
  • Authorized users can fax, print, and email electronic documents directly from the document repository. Emails and other electronically formatted documents can easily be dragged in and stored in the repository.
  • Reduces costs through process streamlining. More productive use of labor resources.
  • Powerful search tools allow users to locate stored information quickly – improving customer response times and speeding up issue resolution.
  • Eliminate/reduce shipping costs – FedEx, Airborne, UPS, and US Mail costs reduced.
  • Facilitates collaboration of both local and remote users as files can be managed with version control and check in and check out capabilities.

Improved Accountability for Regulatory Requirements

  • Meets HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC, NASD and other regulatory compliance requirements.
  • All documents stored in our repository are encrypted with 128 bit security and wrapped to ensure controlled, authorized access right down to the file level.
  • Eliminates or reduces liability issues associated with lost or misplaced documentation.
  • Almost instantaneous retrieval of documents stored in the repository by authorized personnel. Records are stored in a cabinet, drawer and file structure and our powerful search tool can locate a document by phrase or words, similar to many familiar web browsers.

Strengthens a Firm’s Path for Growth

  • Essential part of disaster recovery and business continuation plan. Important files reside in a separate, secured repository and not on individual hard drives.
  • Enables employee, management, partner, and customer collaboration on any document or project. Strengthens relationship with client through improved response, increased collaboration and improved service offerings.
  • Improves a firm’s ability to reallocate resources to expansion and growth functions.
  • Establishes or strengthens the firm’s business continuity and disaster recovery planning initiatives.
  • Utilizes scalable architecture that can be expanded almost without limits; handles growth and expansion of electronic information easily.

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