The Millennium System is comprised of a number of core and optional modules that provide a fully integrated solution


System Features

The Millennium 10 System provides a fully integrated solution that captures, stores, indexes and manages all types of electronic documents and information including scanned, native, and hundreds of other file types from a single, easy to use interface with powerful search tools that allow any authorized user to instantly locate and retrieve any file or image stored in the system.

Intuitive user interface based upon familiar the Microsoft Outlook® style Flexible licensing that includes imaging and document management or document management only. Each type also supports either full contributory (read/write) or non-contributory (read only) user levels.

  • Traditional PC client interface to manage all types of files including digital images, documents, PDF’s, email, spreadsheet, voice, video, as well as many others in their original native formats
  • User and group based security to control access and permissions
  • Files are protected and encrypted to prevent unauthorized access
  • Files are managed in a defined repository to provide complete control and security
  • Flexible indexing using template based profiles for data capture
  • Automatic data compression for optimal storage
  • Document version control with locking, check–in and check-out capabilities
  • Document audit tracking
  • Customizable reporting interface using Crystal Reports engine
  • Imaging supports annotations and redactions
  • Flexible imaging using templates for document specifications and image enhancement
  • Powerful scan tools for improved document handling
  • Supports traditional desktop PC attached scanners for low volume, light duty image capture
  • Scan job manager with control sheet technology to automate the process
  • Separate scan workstation module for high volume environments
  • TWAIN and ISIS scanner compliant (SCSI and USB)
  • Supports PC attached and stand alone high volume scanners for larger requirements
  • Supports network attached, scan enabled, multifunction peripherals
  • MS Outlook®/Exchange email interface to manage email
  • Web application server for Intranet/Internet read only access using Internet browser
  • FAX server interface for capture directly into repository
  • CD/DVD Export/Import Module with stand alone royalty free viewer
  • ERM/COLD interface to capture and to manage reports from mini and mainframe systems
  • OSDCRM – OCR Stream Data Capture and Routing Module
  • Connector for eCopy Sharescan™ enabled copiers
  • Customizable validation, data capture and routing module
  • Programmable Quick Access Application Integration toolbar
  • Developer’s API available to create custom applications and interfaces
  • Terminal Server and Citrix Server compatible with remote scanning capabilities
  • Highly scalable three tier architecture using SQL DBMS
  • Advanced server based processing for image enhancement, OCR, and indexing
  • Workgroup and Enterprise editions

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