Millennium 10 Product Suite is a robust electronic document imaging and management solution designed for today’s information intensive business environments.

Millennium 10 Product Suite

Millennium 10 Product Suite is a robust electronic document imaging and management solution designed for today’s information intensive business environments. Continuing a tradition of feature rich architecture, our engineers have developed the Millennium 10 Product Suite solution for companies and organizations of all types and sizes across the fields of, but not limited to, accounting, aerospace, education, real estate, consumer services, legal services and manufacturing. Millennium 10 provides a solution that meets our clients’ regulatory/compliance, productivity, cost management, disaster recovery and growth positioning/management needs. Our software’s impact on a firm’s bottom line is often immediate. In many cases, ROI is achieved within 12 -18 months, depending on the implementation scenario. Millennium’s uniqueness is its scalability and flexibility, allowing a user’s deployment to seamlessly grow as their usage expands and the ability to develop customizations which allow a client to tailor the application for additional productivity gains.

Whatever your firm’s specific need, Convergent EDM offers a solution that will deliver many of these benefits to your organization. Some examples from industries that use Millennium include:

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Regulatory/Compliance – An aerospace firm’s product documentation and certifications are instantly available for review and processing.

A Bayshore, NY aerospace manufacturing & distribution firm provides worldwide inventory management solutions including customized integrated supply programs, kit packaging and related inventory management services. In addition, the firm distributes a complete line of aerospace consumable products including fasteners, chemicals, seals and power supplies. The firm implemented Millennium 10 to provide storage of accounting documents, product specifications and certifications. A custom interface was requested for printing requested product certifications from the repository along with other shipping documentation from other systems. This installation also provided authorized client access to product documentation and certifications via the Internet. The repository also allows for remote access by production and sales staff via VPN.

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Productivity – Managing the growth of educational opportunities for DC residents.

A Washington, DC state tuition and grant processing office enhances education services and opportunities to meet the life-long learning needs of all District residents by ensuring the equitable distribution and availability of administrative, financial, and nutritional resources. Millennium and the FLEX DM module are used to process and capture data from 50,000+ scanned incoming tuition and grant applications annually. Millennium was integrated with an in-house application processing system to access images stored in the repository.

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Cost Management – Expensive shipping bills are eliminated for this university’s medical school applications.

An Edison, NJ based university offers traditional medical and veterinary curriculum in their overseas medical school, which is taught by faculty recruited chiefly from U.S. medical schools. The Millennium 10 Product Suite allows the university to scan 1000-1500 applications annually and manage existing student records from remote locations via a web interface. A savings of over $200,000 a year was realized in document duplication and shipping charges from within their headquarters location alone. The university was previously spending over $200 per application every year in processing and shipping charges. Student applications and records are now accessible via web by authorized users.

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Disaster Recovery – A real estate firm goes paperless as part of a disaster recovery initiative and realizes major productivity and connectivity gains.

A large NYC real-estate development and management company in New York, NY scans all property related documentation (leases, contracts, notices, correspondence, building plans, photos, work orders) into their centralized repository. Files are accessed remotely by VPN from regional offices, which resulted in a savings of over $30,000 a year in document duplication and shipping charges. The primary reason for this implementation was to fulfill a disaster recovery need; a secondary priority was to gain the ability of their three regional offices to enter decentralized scanning information into the main centralized repository.

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Growth Positioning and Management – A title company deals with a dynamic real estate market.

A Richmond, VA Title Insurance company is one of the nation's premier real estate service companies, providing title insurance and other real estate-related products and services. Millennium allows for the electronic storage of completed title policies and abstracts. During the implementation, Convergent imported over 40,000 documents with 200,000 scanned images from legacy archive CDs. The implementation resulted in the reduction of physical storage requirements, instant access to stored files, and allows authorized users to fax/print from the source file.

We look forward to discussing how a Millennium 10 Product Suite solution will meet and exceed your firm’s current and future Document Imaging and Management needs.

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