The Millennium System is comprised of a number of core and optional modules that provide a fully integrated solution


Millenium 10 Product Suite

The Millennium System is comprised of a number of core and optional modules that provide a fully integrated solution that captures, stores, indexes and manages all types of electronic documents and information including scanned, native, and hundreds of other file types from a single, easy to use interface with powerful search tools that let you instantly locate and retrieve any file stored in your system.

There are two versions of the base server components available. EDIM – Electronic Document Imaging and Management, and DMO – Document Management Only. The EDIM version includes all necessary components to support full document management and imaging capabilities. In addition to the core database and index server that is included with the DMO version, it includes the image processing and OCR server components.

Millennium 10 is designed around integration with other applications. In addition to the programmable application integration toolbar the system provides a command line interface and an Application Program Interface. The Command Line Interface is included with the base system but the API is not.

In addition to the Workgroup version of the product Millennium 10 is available in an Enterprise version. Where the workgroup version comes bundled with MSDE SQL DBMS which is good for up to 10 users, the Enterprise version does not and requires either MS SQL or Oracle DBMS. The workgroup version can also be used with MS SQL or Oracle to support larger numbers of users. An additional feature of the Enterprise version over the workgroup version is that it comes with additional licenses for the process server components, and includes the web server. With the workgroup these have to be purchased separately.

The Core System - Includes a number of integrated components to provide all necessary server and workstation functionality available in the basic system. These components include:

The Index Server included with both the EDIM and DMO versions of the system, provides for content indexing of all files that include readable information. This would include, but is not limited to, text found in word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, PDF, as well as OCR processed image files. This server component is designed to handle very large volumes of data to provide almost instantaneous access to the files containing the data being searched.

The core functionality of the base Millennium 10 system can be enhanced with the addition of any of the following optional modules:

Web Server Read Only Web Based Client interface for browse / Search / view / print / email